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Welcome to the official website of the EU-Project K4CARE!

Knowledge Based Homecare eServices for an Ageing Europe


K4CARE (IST-2004-026968) is a Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project funded within Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission (FP6).

The K4CARE project brings together 13 academic and industrial institutions from seven countries for a period of three years starting March 2006.

In modern societies, the care of chronic disabled patients at home involves life long treatment under continuous expert supervision that saturate European national health services and increase related costs.

K4CARE aims to combine the healthcare and the ICT experiences of several western and eastern EU countries to create, implement, and validate a knowledge-based healthcare model for the professional assistance to senior patients at home.

This new Healthcare Model for home care will contribute to achieve a European standard supported by the new technologies that improves the efficiency of the care services for all the citizens in the enlarged Europe.